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Making Water Visible®
Optimize your water data management with
BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics

Beacon® Advanced Metering Analytics
Mobile and on-site data reading and data analysis

The new generation of wireless data reading and data analysis in real time enables mobile and on-site reading of water consumption data by smartphone, tablet or notebook. BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) brings a new level of utility-optimizing information to light.

BEACON® AMA combines the power of the intuitive BEACON® AMA analytical software suite with proven ORION® AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) technology to give you greater visibility and control over utility management.

FCM Water Management/Data Collect

Water consumption metering
for example with E-Series® ultrasonic water meters
Select the appropriate flow meter from our portfolio for your water consumption metering.
Designed for water utility metering applications, the E-Series® meter features ultrasonic technology and electronic, solidstate construction. With no moving parts, the E-Series® water meter improves accuracy and reliability by virtually eliminating the mechanical wear that can shorten lifetime and produce erroneous results. In addition, an internal battery powers the meter for up to 20 years – an engineering feature that provides independable service and safety. The E-Series® meter will undoubtedly replace conventional meters in most applications.
More information on E-Series® meters under www.badgermeter.de
FCM Data Transfer

Data transfer and data collection
ORION® Cellular Endpoints
The ORION® cellular endpoint is an innovative, two-way water endpoint that utilizes existing cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely deliver meter reading data to the utility via the reliable cellular network. When attached to a Badger Meter high resolution encoder, the ORION® cellular endpoint is compatible with all current Badger Meter Recordall® nutating meters, Recordall® Turbo series, Compound series, E-Series® and electromagnetic flow meters cabled (M2000) & battery (M5000)..
FCM RCDL with endpoints
FCM Water management Data Analysis

Smart analysis of measured data
BEACON® AMA Software
With tools beyond meter reading and network management, BEACON® AMA software offers targeted Advanced Metering Analytics. In a secure hosted solution, the BEACON® AMA software suite delivers powerful, easy-to-use data tools for the utility, including a consumer engagement website and smart phone/tablet applications (apps), that provide water intelligence for utilities and their customers.
Benefits of BEACON® AMA include faster leak detection, revenue management, water conservation clarity, and easier data collection for compliance reporting – but also customizable dashboards, the ability to set unique alert conditions, consumer engagement tools (website and smart phone/tablet app), automatic software upgrades, and integration with your utility systems. With the BEACON® AMA software suite, utility customers interested in managing their own usage patterns and consumption rates have access to their water usage data.
EyeOnWater Online & EyeOnWater App
The consumer engagement website, EyeOnWater Online, gives utility customers access to their water usage profiles in easy-to-understand consumption graphs.
The EyeOnWater app brings the power of EyeOnWater Online to your customer’s smartphone or tablet. Alerts, notifications and water usage are conveniently and readily available anytime using a mobile device. The user interface can be customized according to customs needs.
The advantages of BEACON® AMA
  • Increased Visibility
  • Revenue management
  • Water conservation clarity
  • Easy data collection for compliance reporting
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Alert settings
  • Website and smart phone/tablet app
  • Integration in your utility system
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Great water usage visibility
  • Advanced user profile
  • Anomaly trending
  • Website and smart phone/tablet app
  • Focus on water management
  • Hosted software platform
  • System maintenance
  • Software support
  • Future-proof technology
  • Hosted software suite with regular updates
  • Cellular endpoints
  • Long-term support and maintenance

Beacon AMA video
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